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Feature Film
Rate of Pay: SAG ULB Scale (min. $125.00/Day + 10%)

Producer: Winterstate Entertainment
Director: Jhene Chase
Writers: Hannah Maslinski, Hamid Torabpour
Casting Director: Eisenberg/Beans Casting

Shoot Dates: August 18 – September 5, 2018
Location: Minneapolis, MN

LOGLINE: Best friends and classmates Dave, Joe, and Danny put together a pop punk band, Summertime Dropouts. Seizing the opportunity to play at Warped Tour, the guys must prepare for the big day. Between work, school, and relationships, the band comes to the realization that the road to fame isn’t an easy journey.

Tuesday, July 17th by appointment in NYC

Email picture/resume to
Subject Line: Summertime Dropouts Open Call


DAVE. Male, 18+ to play teens. Dave has been following his true passion – music – all summer, under the guise of “business courses” to please his father, who has only agreed to pay for his college education if he studies something “worthwhile”. When his parents discover that he’s been lying, Dave’s behavior creates a rift in the family dynamic, but he ultimately decides to continue to chase his dream and the girl he’s had a crush on since 6th grade. He has an electric presence onstage, like he was born to front a band. MUST SING AND PLAY ELECTRIC GUITAR. LEAD.

JOE. Male, 18+ to play teens. A lean, tall, bundle of energy. Joe is the drummer for Summertime Dropouts with infectious onstage energy. He puts the moves on Amie’s cousin Charlie, who has just moved to town, and proves that he’s not the smoothest with the ladies – but you’ve gotta admire his efforts. Also works at the pizza parlor in town. Seeking an actor with a great handle on comedy. MUST PLAY DRUMS. LEAD.

DANNY. Male, 18+ to play teens. Serious persona, clean shaven, and put together. Mike is the snarky, sarcastic bass player for Summertime Dropouts, but by day he works at his family’s ice cream shop under the supervision of his strict father, who does not approve of his desire to pursue music. MUST PLAY ELECTRIC BASS. LEAD.

AMIE. Female, 18+ to play teens. A smart, modest, good girl and Dave’s eventual love interest. Amie is interning all summer at the science museum in hopes of leaving with one of their coveted scholarships so that she can study astronomy in college. One of her side jobs is teaching guitar lessons at a music shop. MUST SING AND PLAY ELECTRIC GUITAR. LEAD.

CHARLIE. Female, 18+ to play teens. Amie’s cousin and Joe’s eventual love interest. Charlie is a confident, edgy, punk chick with funky makeup and a nose ring. She moves to town with her mom after her parents split to be closer to family. MUST SING AND PLAY ELECTRIC GUITAR. LEAD.