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CAMP – SAG-AFTRA New Media Pilot

CAMP – SAG-AFTRA New Media Pilot

Rate of Pay: $200/day min.

Producer/Director: Blake McWilliam
Writers: Blake McWilliam, Ian Fisher, AJ Vaage
Casting Director: Eisenberg/Beans Casting

Shoot Dates: August 26-30, 2017
Location: Phoenicia, New York

While the rest of America focused on the American Dream, we inadvertently fulfilled another fantasy – Peter Pan’s dream of never growing up has been realized in the Catskills of Upstate New York. Nestled in the mountains there exists a real life Never Never Land that isn’t governed by society’s pressures. A place where time shifts and bends and can’t be measured the same way it is in the normal 9-5 existence of “grown ups”. For the youth of America, that place is called Camp. And for the summer camp counselors who work there, it’s truly paradise.

Camp follows the lives of the counselors. We get a behind the scenes look at the wild adventures of the young adults who are in charge of America’s future for 2 months of the year. 250 college age kids in what can only be described as a resort, with no contact with the outside world, and no responsibilities except getting their campers to the pool on time.


Email picture/resume to
Subject Line: CAMP Pilot [INSERT ROLE HERE]


[LIAM](Male, 20’s) Imagine a young Joe Biden. That’s Liam. He’s well-adjusted, pragmatic, and has a general sense of his moral compass. He’s always been the type of person people look up to and he prides himself on his ability to lead by example. At least, that’s who he really is, and it’s his experiences at camp that help him finally see that and embrace it.

[KIRA](Female, 20’s) The child of an ambassador, Kira has everything that she needs to follow her mother’s footsteps into the public sector: intelligence, modesty, and charm. She’s the type of girl who likes to go rock climbing, but is equally comfortable at some social function her mother insists she attend. She knows that once she accepts that inevitable position somewhere, her opportunities for fun, like camp, will become nonexistent. As the summer progresses, the impending end to camp hits Kira the hardest.

[CAM](Female, 20’s) Cam is probably the smartest in the group. She is very self aware and has a strong sense of every situation, she is hilarious but can be cold as ice. Camp is where she feels the most safe – her friends love and respect her immensely. She doesn’t necessarily know how to accept this positive attention and uses sarcasm as a defense mechanism. She’s also a lesbian, but it’s not a “thing”.

[TALIA](Female, 20’s) Talia is continually expanding her mind and changing her experience. In constant need of stimulation, she’s often off in her own world and cares very little about the opinions of others. She does and says whatever she deems logical in the moment, which normally rides the lines between hedonism and buddhism (her words).

[BECCA](Female, 20’s) Becca is an iceberg – little on the outside but there’s a lot happening underneath. Maybe a volcano is a better metaphor. An iceberg volcano. She’s equally sweet and not to be messed with. She’ll pick you flowers and if you don’t like them, punch you in the mouth. Becca has a crush on Olly and is working up the courage to tell him this summer – until she finds out he has a girlfriend back home.

[RAY](Male, 40’s-50’s) Owner and Director of Camp Timberwood, Ray is as much authoritarian as he is mentor – a “tough love” kind of guy who understands that he employs a staff of college-age kids and must accept everything that comes with it. He’s split between doing what is best for his camp (and the campers) and helping guide his staff. He believes in heart over brawn and the good in people, but knows that sometimes the best thing you can do for someone is fire them.

[WILLIAM](Male, Late 20’s) William is now too old to be considered one of the “gang”, but also too young to get along with the older “upper staff” in any meaningful way. A camp “lifer”, he takes over the Boys’ Head Counselor position when the previous Boys’ HC was unable to return due to an illness. He’s torn between wanting the respect of the counselors at camp and the frustration with never getting it. At his core, William just wants to be liked, but his desire to be in control often overshadows that. Socially, he just hasn’t figured that out yet.

[MARGO](Female, 60’s) the owner and operator of “Margo’s” (the Hungarian Restaurant – turned – party central for the counselors of Camp Timberwood). For some reason Margo puts up with one hundred college age kids drinking as much as they can for three hours every night all summer. Maybe it reminds her of her youth back in Hungary. Margo is almost like everyone’s Grandma – but instead of shooing her kids out of the kitchen while she’s cooking dinner she’s swatting away cute attempts at flirting for free drinks and pouring shots of tequila instead of handing out ginger cookies. And sometimes she can even be found dancing with a particularly cute counselor because they put on “Drift Away” by the Doobie Brother and because what the hell, right? She’s heard it all before and dutifully goes about her business of providing one the best memories our counselors will take away from the summer: the legend that is Margo’s.